CourtPave Tennis - The Players Choice

Courtpave tennis is proudly made in Australia for Australian Conditions.

CourtPave Tennis is quickly becoming the Players choice due to the development of a specially formulated Tennis Only top coat!

The Courtpave Tennis system is unique in many ways, as we have added the strongest sand particles available combined with an additional wear layer which provides a greater life expectancy than others, also greater UV Stability with  the perfect ball bounce and speed required for the Tennis enthusiast,  and most importantly a wise investment for your tennis club, home or community.


CourtPave Cushion The Professionals Choice

Courtpave Cushion consists of the same top coat as Courtpave Tennis, it just has the benefit of 2.0 - 4.0mm of cushioning below the final playing surface.

This cushioning allows the player or Professional to play or teach on a surface similar to the Australian Open surface.

If the cushioning aspect fits into your budget it is a fantastic investment for all, with less fatigue on the joints therefore allowing you to play longer, recover quicker and enjoy your tennis a whole lot more.


CourtPave Legends  - The Clubs Choice

When it comes to advanced cushioned technology Courtpave Legends is worth taking a close look at, This cushioned system has all the benefits your sporting club and body require, the aim of this system is to allow the player to play longer, recover quicker, and enjoy their tennis more, for the club you now have a tennis court that will retain 90% of its flexibility after 20 years, will only require 1 new top coat every 7-8 years (compared to replacing and disposal cost of synthetic grass) and to re coup your investment quicker clubs can charge a higher hourly rate for the premium mat laid cushioned surface. It truley is the best investment available.