CourtPave Multisport - The Competitors Choice

Courtpave Multisport has been developed with safety in mind, With Netball being played as a winter sport we understand the requirements for sturdy confident footing in all conditions.

Courtpave Multisport has an angler sand particle in the product mix ensuring that the slip resistance is enhanced from traditional Tennis Top Coats.


CourtPave Cushion - Play Longer

Courtpave Cushion has been developed with comfort and safety in mind.

Our aim is to keep the Netball / Basketball players playing as long as their bodies anable them to, with a 2.0 - 4.0mm cushion coats below the surface the players will benefit by recovering quicker, less fatigue on the competitors bodies and hopefully playing many more years than what they would on a traditional asphalt base. 


CourtPave Legends  - The Clubs Choice

When it comes to planning your clubs future investments, look no further!

This premium cushioned surface has been designed with the Netball club and Players in mind.

To give you an example many Netball clubs throughout New Zealand now include a mat laid system into their budgeting forecast, as the long term benefits totally outweigh the initial outlay.

The players play on a consistent 5mm cushioned surface (fence to fence cushioning), the club benefits because any cracks in the sub base is covered by the mat laid system.

The mat retains 90% of its flexibility after a period of 20 years and the surface only requires 1 new top coat every 7-8 years.

A study was mentioned that New Zealand netballers playing on a cushioned court play on average 3 years longer than palyers playing on Asphalt on concrete bases.

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