CourtPave Kids - The Schools Choice

Courtpave Kids is proudly made in Australia for Australian Conditions.

This "NEW" fantastic technology has been created for the safety of our children who are playing any recreational activity.

The mat system compriss of 100% EPDM rubber, and can be installed over asphalt, concrete or existing acrylic sports courts.

Courtpave kids is the perfect option over tired, worn surfaces including, cracked asphalt & concrete bases and will save the school from long term maintenance cost.

The range is available in 4 ready made colours, or can be tailored to suit your schools colour scheme.

The benefits of this surface is that it is R13 slip rated in both wet and dry conditions.

The mat joins are vertually undetactable and forms the safest surface available.

suitable for tennis courts, hot shots courts, half court baskettball and hand ball areas.


Courtpave Kids acrylic has been developed with safety in mind, With traction and safety  for sturdy confident footing in all conditions.

Courtpave Kids acrylic has an angler sand particle in the product mix ensuring that the slip resistance is enhanced from traditional slippery painted surfaces.